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Doug and Elias discussing a difficult decision.

Doug and Elias. Tough choices taught us how to grow grapes and make wine.


Q. How can I purchase your wine?

A. You can do it right now. Purchase is available online to members of our direct mail member list. Signing up is easy. Please click here to get started.

Q. Can I purchase Eighty Four wines at Shafer Vineyards?

A. Yes, all our wines are currently available for walk-in sales.

Q. Can I will-call my Eighty Four Wines at Shafer Vineyards?

A. Yes. Your wines can be held at Shafer for pick up for a few weeks after your purchase. If you’re unable to pick them up within that time frame we will make shipping arrangements with you.

Q. Can I taste Eighty Four wines at Shafer Vineyards?

A. No, unfortunately, we are not set up for tastings at Shafer.

Q. After I’ve purchased my wines when will they ship?

A. Our primary goal is to deliver wines in top condition. This means shipping your order when the weather is mild enough to ensure your wine is not damaged in transit. Orders placed in autumn are likely to ship in late October or November depending on weather conditions in your area.

Q. When should I drink my Eighty Four wines?

A. Our Petite Sirah has spent four years in barrel and another year in bottle prior to release. It’s a wine of prodigious richness and depth and can be enjoyed now, 20 years from now, or at any point in between. Over time the primary fruit will become interlaced with the delicacy and elegance of age. Drink now – 20 years.

We tend to think of Malbec as somewhere between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in terms of boldness, mouthfeel, and overall stuffing. We are finding the wine delicious and compelling now but believe that time will do beautiful things to this bottle. Drink now – 15 years.

Our Albariño spends just four months in stainless steel and is all about refreshing, juicy, sunny deliciousness. It is released ready to enjoy right away. Drink now – 2 years

Q. Can I visit Eighty Four?

A. We don’t have a winery facility, so cannot offer visits.

Q. How can I contact Eighty Four Wines?

A. Please contact us via email: We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.